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These eye-opening interactions have not only enhanced my musical and social skills, but I’ve also learnt things from older residents’ experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

Jax Giles-Webb 18-year-old Musician (VIC)


Residence is an initiative that engages emerging – mid career musicians, (under 35 & spanning various musical genres) to undertake songwriting residencies in aged care facilities. Their task? To create new music inspired by the older people, who call each facility home.


Interactive sessions, collaborative exchanges, and reflective songwriting fosters intergenerational exchanges inspiring new music.

A performance punctuates each residency, offering audience insight into the musician’s journey, their newfound collaborators and how they has been inspired to develop something new.


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Residence Making Of (VIC)

Deeply rewarding, challenging, inspiring, heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure.

Charlie Farmer 31-year-old Musician (VIC)

2023 Musicians

Eye-opening witnessing the power of music first-hand for those living with dementia. 

Samuel Stuchbery 22-year-old Musician (VIC)


This project was very special, and I believe an important part of the future of aged care.

Christobel Elliott 33-year-old Musician (VIC)


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