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17-year-old Leela Gibson John with 100-y
17-year-old Leela Gibson John with 100-y
17-year-old Leela Gibson John with 100-year-old Marion Dorothy Wood.png

Intergenerational Duets 


Embark on a musical journey with Intergenerational Duets – an exciting community arts project crafted for teenage and senior musicians seeking an enriching experience. Envision yourself teaming up with a musician from another generation to plan, rehearse, and perform a duet of your choosing.

Through musical workshops and collaborative creativity, forge connections that bridge the generations. It’s more than just making music; it’s about building friendships, exchanging stories, and having a memorable exchange of perspectives. All in a supported environment, of course.

Discover the joy of connecting through a shared love of music.


As both a teenage and senior participant, engaging in this opportunity offers a chance to enhance musical skills, boost self-confidence, and develop new friendships. Additionally, it provides avenues for improving interpersonal abilities and empathy, as well as fostering sensitive communication skills. It can ignite an interest in history, change perspectives on what it means to be an older or younger person and act as a vehicle to reignite a passion for music.

Oh and did we mention it's fun and it’s free?

(Thanks to the support from the City of Port Phillip and Bendigo Bank (Elwood). 


14 - 18

Applications are now open 

We are now accepting applications for Intergenerational Duets in the City of Port Phillip. Musicians aged between 14-18 and over 65 who live, work or study in the City of Port Phillip are eligible.  


Applications will close as soon as all places are filled. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions about the application, please email and we will be in touch to answer any questions.  

17-year-old Leela Gibson John with 100-year-old Marion Dorothy Wood.png
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