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100: A celebration of Sydney’s most senior citizens
The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers

An opportunity to create an artwork with great meaning.

"So beautiful to see these wise elders captured with such tenderness." NSW Gallery-Goer

"Get the hate and anger out of your heart straight away, forget it. You'll only hurt yourself in the end and that's mad."

102-year-old Wal

Sydney rendition of community arts program TCPPBT united 100 100-year-olds with 100 teenage artists across 60 suburbs of Sydney in 2018. Each pair was supported to get to know one another over a number of months and culminated in an exhibition of 100 portraits of Sydney's 100-year-olds. Artists undertook a unique artistic and social journey with their centenarian sitter, learning history first hand, developing empathy and reflecting on vastly different times. The artists gifted their final portrait to their centenarian subject to conclude the initiative, however many friendships continue to this day. 

Exhibition Details

Exhibition Dates:
29 Sep to 12 Oct 2018
11am – 5pm daily

Official Launch:
Monday 1st October, 2.30pm 

The Studio
2/85 Dunning Ave 
Rosebery NSW 2018

Q&A Session:

Sunday 7th October, 2.30pm

"Try not to upset anyone, but don't let anybody walk over you. You can be firm without being nasty. " 101-year-old Dot

"Better than The Archies, I would love to see this every year!"

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