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The Centenarian Portrait Project

I looked it up online and thought, 'Thats a very good thing to do - -the old and the young'. It sounded like a good project.

 102-year-old Malcom Whyte (ACT)


The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers is an uplifting intergenerational initiative, matching local teenage artists with our most senior citizens. 


Each portrait tells the unique story of the centenarian, captured by the artist in their individual interpretation and artistic style. From reminiscing, joy and laughter, comes a collection of portraits that communicate the experiences, memories and life history of our most senior citizens.


This project aims to foster connections between the two generations, celebrating the rich histories and experiences of the centenarians while providing young artists with a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from their elders. The process involves the pairs meeting over a four month period, which allows them to capture the essence of their subjects in their artwork.

In 2023 11 centenarians and 11 teenagers from the ACT + NT participated in this initiative. Their works were presented as part of the national exhibition in Canberra, alongside a selection of 89 previous portraits created around the country through this program. 



From the very start Malcom shattered expectations of what is possible of someone later in life.

19-year-old Artist Nick Mesics (ACT)



Normally I don’t feel good having to be in a wheelchair but rolling around the courtyard with Laurie and his wheelchair, I felt a whole lot different.

19-year-old Rika Jammer (ACT)

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Living the last lap. Grateful, resigned, content

and not giving up.

Reflections from 102-year-old Malcom Whyte (ACT) 

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