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The Centenarian Portrait Project

When Arthur described his life with his photo album,

I was constantly transported to another space and

time by his stories.

19-year-old Artist Cici Hong (NSW)


The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers is an uplifting intergenerational initiative, matching local teenage artists with our most senior citizens. 


Each portrait tells the unique story of the centenarian, captured by the artist in their individual interpretation and artistic style. From reminiscing, joy and laughter, comes a collection of portraits that communicate the experiences, memories and life history of our most senior citizens.


This project aims to foster connections between the two generations, celebrating the rich histories and experiences of the centenarians while providing young artists with a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from their elders. The process involves the pairs meeting over a four month period, which allows them to capture the essence of their subjects in their artwork.


In 2018 100 centenarians and 100 teenagers participated in this program, across 60 suburbs of Sydney. The project culminated in an exhibition, presenting 100 portraits of 100-year-olds, which opened on the International Day of Older Persons (October 1, 2018). 



TCPPBT Making Of (NSW)

"It's been interesting because you don't get to interact with 100-year olds every day - they have so much wisdom and it's important we carry on their stories"

16-year-old Artist Rebekah Thwaites (NSW)


“Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this wonderful exhibition together!! This project is an inspiration, as too are the young artists and the centenarians... Something very special was obviously experienced as each person embraced the opportunity. Thank you Embraced for such an insightful and inspiring socially driven arts project!! Heartfelt appreciation for including Wal as a participant.”  

D. Barnes Gallery Goer (NSW) 

Get the hate and anger out of your heart straight away, forget it. You'll only hurt yourself in the end and that's mad. 

Advice from 102-year-old Wal Edwards (NSW)

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Meeting Frances, was a really wonderful experience, because I am a teenager and she is somebody, who is over 100 – so when those two collide, it isn’t something that happens often... I guess, I’ll work with more people, especially older people, this has really inspired me to do that.  

16-year-old Artist Zaynab El-Najjar (NSW)

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