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The Centenarian Portrait Project

I think this project was extremely important in integrating the older and younger generations, and I am so glad to have been a part of it -in particular with Constance.

Sarah Waite Teenage Artist (VIC)


The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers is an uplifting intergenerational initiative, matching local teenage artists with our most senior citizens. 


Each portrait tells the unique story of the centenarian, captured by the artist in their individual interpretation and artistic style. From reminiscing, joy and laughter, comes a collection of portraits that communicate the experiences, memories and life history of our most senior citizens.


This project aims to foster connections between the two generations, celebrating the rich histories and experiences of the centenarians while providing young artists with a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from their elders. The process involves the pairs meeting over a four month period, which allows them to capture the essence of their subjects in their artwork.



TCPPBT Making Of (VIC)

Something I took away from this is to always spread love and positivity no matter what the situation is, because the chances are you could possibly make someone's day by a simple act of love and happiness. This is the key to a long and happy life. 

Vanessa Vun Teenage Artist (VIC)


“We stumbled across this beautiful art exhibition walking down the road. It was amazing and so heartwarming. Thank you to all the talented artists and a huge thank you to the most respected centenarians.”  

Anonymous Gallery Goer (VIC) 


You’ve got to believe in something. When you

believe in it, you fight for it!

Advice from Adele Stebbing 100-year-old (VIC)

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Being so young and meeting someone with so much experience, wisdom and a completely different outlook on life was fascinating, especially considering the fact that I've never had the opportunity to meet a centenarian before. 

Kali Appleby Teenage Artist (VIC)

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