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This project was very special and I believe an important part of the future of aged care.  Christobel Elliott

2023 Pilot

Four musicians (all under 35) embarked on a five-week (full-time) artist residency, each in a different aged care facility in Melbourne's North East in 2023. Their mission? To create new music inspired by the older adults, who call the facility home. 

Who were they, you ask? 

Charlie Farmer 
Charlie Farmer is a musician and audio engineer, who trained as a classical violinist, guitarist and vocalist, and draws upon this background to create rich sonic stories. Charlie has a degree in sociology and psychology, and has worked with BighArt Australia, facilitating song-writing workshops with young people. Charlie recently released a debut EP as Slow Trade, offering a selection of self-recorded, intimate songs. 

Christobel Elliott 
Christobel Elliott is a vocalist, music producer and youth worker of Egyptian, Eritrean and mixed European descent. Christobel is one half of electronic RnB pop duo, Pillow Pro and in 2020 released a solo EP called Hail U, a dedication to her maternal ancestors and an exploration of her cultural identity. Christobel holds a Bachelor of Psychology, and founded RYMS, a music program which supports young people to write, record and perform original songs. 

Jax Giles-Webb 
Jax Giles-Webb is a singer and guitar player, who produces, mixes, and composes his own music and has featured on Triple J Unearthed and released two singles. He is about to graduate from Year 12, studying Music Performance and a Certificate III in Music Industry Sound Production. He writes and produces his own music from all sorts of genres, including punk rock to indie folk.  Jax performs with his band across Melbourne.

Samuel Stuchbery 
Samuel Stuchbery is a young composer and musician from eastern Melbourne who has recently graduated from the Melbourne Conservatory. He plays the French Horn, saxophone and piano, and specialises in writing instrumental music, incorporating electronic elements. He has written for both small and larger groups including Casey Philharmonic Orchestra, and in 2020 received The Margaret Schofield Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Composition. 

Residence is an intergenerational song- writing program that offers emerging –mid career musicians the opportunity to undertake a residency in an aged care facility.

These eye-opening interactions have not only enhanced my musical and social skills, but I’ve also learnt things from older residents’ experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  Jax Giles-Webb


Deeply rewarding, challenging, inspiring, heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure.  Charlie Farmer

Eye-opening witnessing the power of music first-hand for those living with dementia.  Samuel Stuchbery

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