The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers

Artwork by Lily Nethery

´A natural fit; the generous spirit of the old, embracing the enthusiasm of the young. Expressive and insightful.´

The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers (TCPPBT) is an uplifting initiative matching teenage artists with centenarians. From storytelling, reminiscing, joy and laughter comes unique portraits, a gift and friendships to treasure between the generations. 


TCPPBT breaks down ageist stereotypes, strengthens community and creates a platform for inter-generational friendships and learning.

A life-affirming inter-generational process culminates in an art exhibition profiling centenarians through portraits created by teenage artists. For most artists it is an opportunity to meet a centenarian for the first time; for centenarians a chance to share history and for both generations a memorable experience exchanging perspectives.

Language and location informs the pairing of our participants. The first meeting is supported by one of our team. The artists go on to visit their 100-year-old subjects numerous times creating sketches, taking photos and establishing a portrait approach amongst conversation that is always memorable. Following these get-to-know-you sessions the artists return to their studios to complete their portrait.

Post exhibition, the portraits are gifted to the centenarians and their families in person by their respective teenage artist.

"An amazing experience. I'm inspired learning about the incredible stories of these people through the magic of art!"

Artwork by Charlotte Frencken

A beautiful exhibition that brings a tear to the eye, along with a giggle ! 

Artwork by Nikki Evans