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The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers

Artwork by Lily Nethery

´A natural fit; the generous spirit of the old, embracing the enthusiasm of the young. Expressive and insightful.´

M. Rouley (Melbourne Gallery-Goer)
Fiona and Michele  Painting _edited.jpg


The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers (TCPPBT) is a heartwarming initiative pairing teenage artists with centenarians to create unique and uplifting portraits. Going beyond artistic expression, it fosters genuine intergenerational connections through storytelling, reminiscing, joy, and laughter.

TCPPBT breaks down ageist stereotypes, providing a meaningful platform for intergenerational friendships and learning. Each program phase connects local teenage artists with centenarians, resulting in a life-affirming intergenerational process culminating in an art exhibition showcasing portraits by talented teenagers.

Transcending generational divides, TCPPBT uses portraiture to catalyze conversations, encouraging story exchange, fostering acceptance, and building friendships. It's a unique opportunity for artists to meet centenarians for the first time, allowing them to share their rich history. The experience becomes a memorable journey of exchanging perspectives for both generations involved.

"So many moving moments, tears came redily" Valerie HutchinsoN, (centenarian) Norah Moore's daughter. 

The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers

around Australia.

100; Canberra Virtual Exhibition

"An amazing experience. I'm inspired learning about the incredible stories of these people through the magic of art!"

Artwork by Charlotte Frencken

Artwork by Nikki Evans

A beautiful exhibition that brings a tear to the eye, along with a giggle ! 

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