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Songs For You is an intergenerational music program that pairs older adults living in aged care with local teenagers. Through songwriting workshops and guided intergenerational sessions teenagers are supported to create original music honouring local senior citizens; which goes on to be performed and recorded.

At its core, Songs For You is a celebration of storytelling through the universal language of music. By leveraging the power of song, this project aims to bridge the generational divide, spotlighting shared interests, passions, and experiences that form the foundation for intergenerational friendships.

Each teenager embarks on a unique creative journey that involves connecting, sharing, and collaborating with senior citizens living in aged care. This skills development program encompasses music and communication workshops, as well as sessions with seasoned musicians and healthcare experts including music therapists.

Songs For You promotes knowledge exchange and facilitates meaningful learning experiences. Through the creation of songs, participants share stories, recount triumphs, express sorrows, and offer messages of hope.

Songs For You is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information.
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